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 Current Openings

Zestorm requires candidates interested in full-time employment and willing to start as soon as possible. Apply to us.


Job Title : Senior Software Engineer.

No. Of Positions : 2

Min. years of Experience : 2 years

Job Description : Design, Develop and Debug web based business applications using ASP.NET 3.5, 4.0 using C#, SharePoint, Silverlight and Linq.

Profile requirement:

 Looking for MCA / MCM / MCS / B.E. with minimum 2 years experience of web based development in ASP.NET using C#.
 Good verbal and written communication skills in English is a must.
 Self motivated and able to use provided training resources / internet to pick up knowledge of latest technologies.

 How To Apply

Being a digital thinking company both in principle and practice, we do not prefer paper/fax resumes. Please apply via e-mail in plain text OR Word (preferably DOC virus-free )


 Life At Zestorm

At Zestorm, we believe that Information Technology is a people driven business. Our people will define our success and they are the one who make things happen. We recruit more on attitude and learning potential rather than only by the aptitude. In our line of business, change happens very fast and we need people who can adapt.

A learning Company - In this knowledge economy, staying in tune with fast changing technological advances holds the key to success. We endeavor to make sure that our knowledge workers are up to date with the latest standards, services and products. To ensure this we have minimum two days in a month on training for the entire development team.

We have dedicated two learning days in a month to training and conducted assignments. Learning days are dedicated to a combination of the following activities.

  • Talent showcase - across a month, Every employee gets to showcase his or her best work to everyone in the organisation in a town hall meeting. People across the entire team will acknowledge the work and give comments and give suggestions. This has been a remarkable event for all of us since mid-2012 when we have adopted this.

  • Team cross-training - This are basically gyan sessions given by internal experts followed by hands-on assignments. This ensures one does not only get training but ensure it is understood by doing it. These assignments are checked immediately and then it is carried forward to actual work.

  • Technology specific seminars by external experts

  • Soft skills training by external experts

Behind the scenes, We are backed up by a good support team with two office assistants and external agencies maintaining our world class infrastructure.

To be a part of the dynamic and interesting off-shore and on-site projects and product development, Apply to us.